Thursday, 22 May 2014

Pike and Shotte

I played an English Civil War battle today using Warlord Games Pike and Shotte rules.

I adapted their Thirty Years War scenario " Blood on the Danube " in which the army pay chest has to be defended until nightfall. In order to play this solo I selected 3 playing cards, Jack, Queen and King, shuffled them up so I didn't know which one was the King (the pay chest) and placed them under the three buildings in the Parliamentarian deployment area.

The Royalist then had eight turns to capture the money!.

Here are some photos from the action.
 The Royalist centre advance rapidly.
 Old Robins Foote in their tawny coats prepare to give fire.
 The Royalist left flank advance.
 The Royalist commander.
 Hampdens Greencoats defend the ruined church.
 A view of the battlelines.
 Hard fighting but time is running out.
 By this time many of the Royalist battalia were broken.
 The roundheads kept up a spirited defence.
The only building that the Royalists were able to capture didn't contain the pay chest.

I enjoyed the game, I'll try to get another soon.


  1. One of the fun things about this blog, is one never knows, from one posting to the next, what entertainments are in store. Very fine ECW armies, Paul, and probably one of the most interesting wars to war game as well.

  2. Thanks for your very nice comment Ion, truth is that I just flit from one thing to another. Like most wargamers I find inspiration everywhere. This afternoon I was watching my son playing the video game Wolfenstein and I'm thinking of playing Bolt Action on my D&D tiles, maybe with zombies included !.