Sunday, 15 June 2014

A great weekend.

After a very tiring week at work I am having a very nice weekend. On Saturday morning Carol and I went to the Durham Wargames Show.

I purchased these...

Funny Little Wars
I've been devouring this book.

I also bought.

A score of Irregular Miniatures 28mm British Home Service soldiers for possible use with Funny Little Wars converted into a 28mm table game.

And this!

Bought at a very good price from Waugh Games, it is now put away till my birthday in August.

Then today being Fathers Day John gave me this...
What a lucky man I am!.


  1. Great weekend.I'm hoping there is a pressie for me when I get home from work today.

  2. Great scores there, Paul. Did you take out a lottery ticket? Good fortune like that just has to be pushed along!

  3. That's an excellent haul squire.

    The Ardennes box is particularly good fun. Give the breakthrough scenarios a go if you have the chance. They are very fine indeed.

    1. Thanks Conrad, I will do that. I own the breakthrough boards and this set has the card deck to go with them.