Sunday, 29 June 2014

A quick game of Flames of War

I had a quick game of Flames of War tonight and thoroughly enjoyed it, below are a few photos of the action.

 As the Germans advance they come under attack by the RAF.
A British tank platoon charges over the bridge.
 As the other tanks line the riverbank to duel with a PaK 40 platoon and a StuG platoon. There wasn't much cover on the board so the game was fast and furious.
 The StuG platoon is overwhelmed by the firepower from the riverbank.
 Typhoon returning to base.
 The Typhoons attack the Tigers again.
 A British tank platoon machine guns the infantry.
The Allies storm over the bridge as the German company morale fails.

I've also had a couple of very enjoyable Memoir 44 games with my new Winter Wars expansion. On Thursday evening I had a good game of Kings of War using some of my 15mm ancients collection. It was very thought provoking and has a lot of wargaming potential for me.

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