Sunday, 22 June 2014

Funny Little Wars

 I tried out Funny Little Wars today on the living room floor. The objective was the large hill (pile of books) on the right of shot.
 Creeping about on the floor after a big roast beef dinner was not easy and there were several loud and rather pungent emissions from behind me. Even Little Wars can be quite nasty.
 French Zouaves in column.
 The objective.
 Germans in column.
 The French take the hills first.
 But the Germans outflank the French right wing.
 German artillery bombards French positions on the objective.
 The German Lancers charge the French gun.
 And skewer the crew.
 The French Lancers defeat their German counterparts.
 But the French morale is now critical and they retire from the objective hill.
 Game over.
You can see the template and Games Workshop deviation dice that I used in the absence of spring loaded cannon. I guessed the range and rolled to see if the shot deviated and if it did I rolled two d6 to see how far away the shell landed. It worked well.
Here are the 28mm Irregular Miniatures Home Service soldiers painted up with three coats of Klear to make them nice and shiny.
I copied the flag from Trebians blog 


  1. Great game, introducing the use of gas into a FLW context. I like the new 28mm figs as well.

  2. Great looking game - I've been using these rules for sometime and always found them enjoyable . The Irregular figures look very nice indeed .

    1. Thanks very much gents.
      The Irregular figures were a pure impulse purchase, I'm not sure if I'll ever build a whole project based on them but they are nice just to own.
      I am very fond of the traditional toy soldier look.

  3. How do you get your colours so vibrant?
    Are you using a paint like Vellejo, or is your Klear coat just bringing out the colour?

    1. Doug,
      the paints are all acrylics, GW and some Vallejo but the Klear does make a lot of difference.
      Cheers, Paul