Saturday, 7 June 2014

Rapid Fire! D-Day

Today I dug out my 20mm Rapid Fire D-Day models and had a game.

 Here are the British about to hit the beach.
 There is a lot of barbed wire and tank traps on there.
 German defenders await the assault.
 Naval gunfire was ineffective... I think that I misread the rulebook.
 There is a Pak40 in there.
 The Germans shoot down at the British and very few of them make it to the wire.
 The tanks are immobilised by mines but crucially are still able to shoot.
 The RAF arrives to bomb one of the German trenches.
 After running out of soldiers I recycled them and brought on a second wave.
 They charge ashore.
 And up the beach, German fire is less effective as casualties mount.
 The British surge forward.
 They reach the wire.
 This German trench has only two men left.
 But the MMG's in the pillbox are still blazing away.
 It takes a move under fire to get through the wire.
 The only tank to make it off the beach has a lucky roll and silences the pillbox!.
 Then races for the crossroads.
 The infantry follow.
The PaK40 bunker is assaulted.

Not a bad game, I did make some mistakes with the rules but nothing too important. It is a long time since I played Rapid Fire!.


  1. Great looking game and figures! Highly appropriate and timely gaming.

    1. Thanks Dean, in the last few minutes I've been admiring your Wars of the Roses WIP on your blog!.