Thursday, 25 September 2014

Lion Rampant roars into life!.

I received my copy of Dan Merseys Lion Rampant medieval rules the other day. Today I tried them out with a pair of 20 point forces.

 The pig headed Baron Sanglier is the leader of one retinue.
 While the well known braggart Sir Roget Megently leads the opposing force.
 I played scenario E: Hold on Tight.
 All of the toys are Games Workshop.
 Sangliers foot serjeants hold the objective hill.
 While the battle raged around them.
Even though Sanglier was killed* in a duel with Megently his retinue held on for victory.

*He was only wounded, he will be back.

I like this game, particularly the boasting bit.


  1. Very pretty altogether. It looks, by the way, as though certain of the pettier barons are taking the opportunity of the strife between the Houses of Lancaster and York, to settle accounts with their neighbours and perhaps acquire for themselves the choicer slices of land to which they have no legitimate claim other than what they can contract by force of arms. Great fun!

  2. Very nice miniatures and terrain. Looks/sounds fun.