Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Angels 20

I bought myself the Axis and Allies Angels 20 starter set at the weekend, it arrived on Monday and I've had some exciting dogfights since.

 The six planes are very nice.
 The rules give a fast and fun game.
 Years ago I planned to make a similar game using 1/72 scale model planes but it wouldn't have been as good as this.
 The maps are thin but they look pretty good.
 After shooting down a Me 109 the Spitfire gets himself on the tail of another!.

 And rolls well enough to shoot him down too.
 I use small dice to show altitude and damage rather than the markers supplied with the game.
 This shot features a home made cloud.
I do like the planes, £20 well spent I reckon.


  1. A nice little game set. I like the home made cloud, too. do you have rules for allowing a pursued aircraft to dive into cloud and thereby elude the chaser?

    1. Hi Ion, hiding in the clouds is catered for in the rulebook. Although I have simplified them to the effect that if the plane is on the cloud template and the altitude matches the plane can't be shot at or tailed. The written rules require a dice throw depending on the thickness of the cloud to achieve concealment.

  2. I have to spend more time at the local games store! This is news to me, I have to get a set!

    1. Hi Doug, I got my copy from Amazon. There is also a Pacific themed starter called Bandits High for about £27.

  3. Thanks Paul. I guess my payday cheque will be a little lighter this week.