Sunday, 26 October 2014

Tracks of Fury!.

I had a nice tank battle today using Bolt Action. My son John and I are planning to see the film "Fury" soon and this was the inspiration for the game. Here are a few shots of the toys...

 Corgi Shermans advance.
 A Corgi Tiger lurks.
 Tamiya Hetzers.
 A Corgi Panther.

 Tamiya M10 Tank Destroyer.
 Corgi Kubelwagen with the Panther.
 A Corgi Halftrack with Warlord crew.
 Westwind motorbikes.
 Corgi jeeps with Westwind crew.
 A Bandai halftrack, a gift from a friend.
 Westwind PaK 40s.

 Another shot of a Corgi Tiger.
 Tamiya Hetzer.

Tank battles play well with Bolt Action, I plan to make some markers for the game soon.


  1. 'Bolt Action' seems to be catching on all over the place! It has even reached this part of the world, though, having invested so much in other forms, I doubt if I'll be taking it on. You never know, though. If I see more of this kind of thing I might get tempted!

    1. It is a good game Ion, with the emphasis on game. I really enjoy it, the order dice system really suits solo play.
      Thanks for your comment.