Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Bandits High!

I was so happy with my purchase of the Axis and Allies Angels 20 game that with the encouragement of my wife I bought Bandits High, the second starter set.

 The game looks good with colourful planes.
 The map looks good too.
 However, I don't play the game rules entirely as written, the rules for tailing for example give tailing status to an aircraft positioned on any of the marked hexes as well as the hex the Wildcat is on.
 This is what I count as tailing!. Tailing gives an initiative roll bonus.
 The rules state that a fighter with range three may engage a target on any of the marked hexes as above.
 And a range four fighter may shoot at all these hexes.
 But I only allow shooting in a straight line. I've never played the shooting as written but I think they would allow too many shots on what is a small gameboard.
 I use cotton wool as a crippled plane marker rather than the orange triangle shown below.
 I also use a red die as a damage marker and a black die as an altitude marker rather than twist the base about which I think will cause wear and tear on the ball joint. If my knees are anything to go by it is inevitable!.
I use Battle Fleet Gothic markers to show when a plane is shot down. They will also make good flak markers too.
 I also look forward to some unhistorical match ups.
  Such heresy...


  1. Very nice! I picked up the first set locally, but it was missing the flight stands. I checked on ebay and there are all sorts of aircraft available. Come payday I'll pick up some F2A Buffalos. If you haven't read it, Japanese ace Saburo Sakai wrote his memoirs and it was published in the early 70's. ISBN: 0450012131 / 9780450012136 Titled "Samurai", it was co written by Martin Caidin IIRC. Gripping and well written accounts of air battles in the Pacific, from China to Guadalcanal, New Guinea, Iwo Jima and Japan.

  2. Shame about the flight stands Doug, how are you going to sort that?.

    I will look up that book, thanks for the heads up. i would have replied sooner but my son John has been using this computer as his died the other night.


  3. Hello. I think you'll really enjoy the air combat accounts. I thumbed my paperback copy until the pages fell out. I especially liked the early Pacific war battles. He faced just about every plane the Allies had, Dutch Hawks, Buffalos and Martin B-10's, and everything the Americans and British had. Aircraft like the P-39 were deathtraps against the Zero. Surprisingly, he had a tough time with an American Ventura, and the ending of the dogfight is pretty shocking.
    As for the flight stands I'll just use some from the Pacific set or the reinforcement sets. Worse comes to worse I'll make some stands.

  4. I will buy that book, it sounds great, Amazon UK have it and it is not expensive.

    Thanks, Paul.

  5. is also good source for books.