Sunday, 30 November 2014

Still got the air combat bug.

I've been playing Axis and Allies Angels 20 and Bandits High at any opportunity for weeks now.
 I bought some singles, a brace of Chinese.
 And a German Me109 G.
 And another Angels 20 starter set.
 Having two sets gives me a 60x40 inch playing area and 12 planes.
 It is hard to watch your six with all the chaos going on.
 These pictures were staged after the game.
 I altered the RAF codes to avoid duplicating the same machine with a quick paint job.
 This Spitfire KL-P was originally KL-B. Easy eh?.
 The action from above.
 The merry-go-round.
 Hurricane in the clouds.
 I intend to repaint and decal the black Me109s sometime.
 The game is even better with six planes a side on the bigger board.
I can't wait till Christmas because there are a couple of booster packs in the wardrobe for me. I wonder what they will contain!.

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