Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Huns in the sun.

Here is a game of Axis and Allies Air Forces played with some house rules to enable planes to gain some advantage from having their backs to the sun.

 Huns in the sun. The sun is represented by the yellow semi circle as shown. The game is starting to look like an old fashioned weather forecast map.
 The Yanks come on opposite.
 A fast and furious battle commences.
 My red 7 is a quick conversion from the red 9 as supplied. A very old Bandai tank model decal was used.

 Shots lined up.
 Good shooting sees the demise of red 9.
 However red 7 gets a shot in.
 And cripples the silver Mustang.
 Who is soon shot down. - Missing pic failed to load.

 Now it's a duel.

 The Mustang ace is crippled.
 With a good score the German is victorious.

Here is the house rule by example.
 Here the Germans have a +2 initiative advantage
 And here.
But not here!.

Still loving this game. There are two more boosters on the way. I spent my xmas money, thanks Mam.


  1. Money well spent! I have yet to see any P 51B's' I buy most of my extra planes at the Miniature Market webstore, or ebay. I've started looking at 1/100 model kits, but their price has spiked and most are sold as Flames of War compatable, an obvious appeal to that market. I might have to make some balsa models. I'd like to do some early war Battle of France, and French bombers and English Lysanders are hard to come by in this scale.

  2. Thanks lads, I have spent far more than I usually do with this game but as the game is OOP I figured I had to move fast. Having said that, I have managed to get most of these models much cheaper than full price.