Thursday, 27 March 2014

Modern City Terrain

The Dropzone Commander Cityscape arrived yesterday. £18 special offer from Wayland Games, that's a bargain now!.

 My wife Carol helped me build the buildings.
 And we layed it out on the living room floor.
 It's very impressive.
 Today I had a game on it.
1/300th scale models look OK on it.
 These are photos taken at the end of the game.
 US and Soviets late 1980's fight it out.
 These T-80's were taken out by M1's.
 The Apaches need to reload.
 The Hind helicopters dropped infantry onto one of the objective buildings and proceeded to fire from their vantage point.
 Ambush in the alley!.
 Manouvre among the buildings made for a very tactical game.
The US attackers suffered badly as the Soviets defend the building with RPGs. But won eventually.

I'm delighted with it.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Cold War battle in the desert.

Today I had a small battle between my US and Soviet 1980's forces. It was a rules test for my Modern Wargames rules that I published on here a while back.

Here are a few post game/staged shots...

The rules as they stand require more work, but as a basis they work well.

I own quite a lot of 6mm modern stuff but they rarely see daylight because my terrain just does not look modern. However, that is about to change, I have purchased this...