Thursday, 3 April 2014

Modern Wargame Rules v2

Here are some scans of version 2, I hope they make sense.

Cold War period city fighting.

I had a couple of games today using my small and unbalanced collection of Skytrex Action 200 miniatures bought in the mid eighties.

 British Chally 1s and Warriors.
 A Soviet T-80 is KO'd.
 A brace of BTRs.
 British Scorpions open fire at the BTRs.
 And blow them to bits.
 T-80s spot the Scorpions.
 And blow them to bits too!.
 The other T-80 platoon fire at the British tanks.
 And KO one of them.
 This unit score six to take three move actions.
 On the left flank the tank shoot out continues.
Two of the Chally 1s are KO'd.
 The BMPs break cover.
 The Brits fire anti-tank weapons from the building.
 With no effect!.
 The BMPs roll onward.
 The surviving two T-80s blaze away at the Challengers.
 A very sorry sight.
 The Russkies advance.
Blasted from the building by tank fire the Brits make a run for it.

This was a very short game, I had a longer and more exciting game after this using a larger board and giving the British a bonus of two on the initiative rolls to help balance the disparity in numbers.

I have amended the rules some more and I will publish the latest version soon.