Sunday, 29 June 2014

A quick game of Flames of War

I had a quick game of Flames of War tonight and thoroughly enjoyed it, below are a few photos of the action.

 As the Germans advance they come under attack by the RAF.
A British tank platoon charges over the bridge.
 As the other tanks line the riverbank to duel with a PaK 40 platoon and a StuG platoon. There wasn't much cover on the board so the game was fast and furious.
 The StuG platoon is overwhelmed by the firepower from the riverbank.
 Typhoon returning to base.
 The Typhoons attack the Tigers again.
 A British tank platoon machine guns the infantry.
The Allies storm over the bridge as the German company morale fails.

I've also had a couple of very enjoyable Memoir 44 games with my new Winter Wars expansion. On Thursday evening I had a good game of Kings of War using some of my 15mm ancients collection. It was very thought provoking and has a lot of wargaming potential for me.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Funny Little Wars

 I tried out Funny Little Wars today on the living room floor. The objective was the large hill (pile of books) on the right of shot.
 Creeping about on the floor after a big roast beef dinner was not easy and there were several loud and rather pungent emissions from behind me. Even Little Wars can be quite nasty.
 French Zouaves in column.
 The objective.
 Germans in column.
 The French take the hills first.
 But the Germans outflank the French right wing.
 German artillery bombards French positions on the objective.
 The German Lancers charge the French gun.
 And skewer the crew.
 The French Lancers defeat their German counterparts.
 But the French morale is now critical and they retire from the objective hill.
 Game over.
You can see the template and Games Workshop deviation dice that I used in the absence of spring loaded cannon. I guessed the range and rolled to see if the shot deviated and if it did I rolled two d6 to see how far away the shell landed. It worked well.
Here are the 28mm Irregular Miniatures Home Service soldiers painted up with three coats of Klear to make them nice and shiny.
I copied the flag from Trebians blog 

Sunday, 15 June 2014

A great weekend.

After a very tiring week at work I am having a very nice weekend. On Saturday morning Carol and I went to the Durham Wargames Show.

I purchased these...

Funny Little Wars
I've been devouring this book.

I also bought.

A score of Irregular Miniatures 28mm British Home Service soldiers for possible use with Funny Little Wars converted into a 28mm table game.

And this!

Bought at a very good price from Waugh Games, it is now put away till my birthday in August.

Then today being Fathers Day John gave me this...
What a lucky man I am!.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Rapid Fire! D-Day

Today I dug out my 20mm Rapid Fire D-Day models and had a game.

 Here are the British about to hit the beach.
 There is a lot of barbed wire and tank traps on there.
 German defenders await the assault.
 Naval gunfire was ineffective... I think that I misread the rulebook.
 There is a Pak40 in there.
 The Germans shoot down at the British and very few of them make it to the wire.
 The tanks are immobilised by mines but crucially are still able to shoot.
 The RAF arrives to bomb one of the German trenches.
 After running out of soldiers I recycled them and brought on a second wave.
 They charge ashore.
 And up the beach, German fire is less effective as casualties mount.
 The British surge forward.
 They reach the wire.
 This German trench has only two men left.
 But the MMG's in the pillbox are still blazing away.
 It takes a move under fire to get through the wire.
 The only tank to make it off the beach has a lucky roll and silences the pillbox!.
 Then races for the crossroads.
 The infantry follow.
The PaK40 bunker is assaulted.

Not a bad game, I did make some mistakes with the rules but nothing too important. It is a long time since I played Rapid Fire!.