Thursday, 15 January 2015

No more planes!.

I decided that enough is enough when it comes to my Axis and Allies Air Force Miniatures collection. After I spent some Christmas money on two more boosters which contain random models I ended up with one Soviet plane and one Italian.

I decided to buy some singles to give me two flights of three Soviet and three Italian aircraft and make that the finish.

Forty two models in total.
 I laid them all out.
 I was well and truly hooked.
 My Italian flight in the foreground.
 My Russians in the middle.
 Chinese with Flying Tigers.
 I have too many Mustangs and some will be repainted, maybe in RAF colours.

I love this game and have been playing it exclusively since October, it plays well solo and is quick to set up and put away.

My last purchase for it however will be some decals to repaint some of them, but definitely NO MORE PLANES!.


  1. There's discipline for you! That is certainly quite a collection.

  2. Nice collections - you just need a few more :) Just kiddin' :)

  3. I saw some on sale at half price yesterday, I must stay strong!...