Tuesday, 24 March 2015

More DBA 3

 Anglo-Danish versus Normans.
 I've been enjoying this game. I've used Gallic, Spanish, Marian Romans and Pontic forces in recent days.
 The speed of play takes a little getting used to though.
 I used to play 24 element armies and most of my armies have at least 24 elements. Some have many more from being expanded for DBM. I never really enjoyed DBM though.
 Several years ago I rebased some of my armies onto 80mm wide bases but I was not pleased with the plain flocked appearance. Recently I found some very nicely based 80mm elements here  http://balagan.info/romans-versus-iberian-two-big-base-dba-battle-reports and was quite inspired to copy them.
 So the plan at present is to rebase and play on a 120cm square table.
 I reckon if DBA felt too fast I could still use the elements as units for Hail Caesar of Kings of War. After payday I'll send for some MDF bases and sand.
Irregular Miniatures 15mm Saxons, the Normans are TTM and now available from 15mm.co.uk .


  1. Hi Paul.
    I have the same issue with DBA: I love the game but sometimes I feel that with so few figures the armies look like a rugby team.
    If you use 80 mm bases your armies will look great and you could also use some elements to play Neil Thomas "One Hour Wargaming" rules if you want.

    There are also a pair of intermediate solutions:
    One is to use de same base with but a larger depth and adding a second row of figures. Is simple and has a good effect. You could see some examples here:
    and here:

    The other is to use 15 mm figures and 60 mm bases. With this bases you could play using a 3 feet board).


  2. Thanks for the thought provoking links Cesar, I value your opinions and appreciate your interest.

    Thanks again,

  3. Hi Paul, Perhaps this could be of your interest:

  4. Yes, I saw that and gave 60mm bases some consideration but the quantities of the various miniatures that I have would fit 80mm base width better.

    Did you manage to get your copy of DBA 3.0 yet Cesar?.


  5. Is good to know you have enough figures to adopt 80 mm basing. I am sure your armies will look great!
    Regarding DBA 3.0: unfortunately I haven´t received my copy yet. :-(