Thursday, 30 July 2015

More Royal Armies.

Today in the Hyborian Age Koth has invaded Ophir and battle is joined.

Any resemblance to historical miniatures is purely coincidental

 King Strabonus of Koth.
 King Amilius of Ophir.
 The Kothian army has many heavy cavalry.
 And a shadowy figure known as the Veiled One.
 The Ophirean army.
 Slingers stalk the ruins.
 They also have a small unit of Free Company mercenaries with a formidable fighter named Conan.
 The armies deployed.
 Quickly the cavalry units get to grips.
 Ohpirean Royal Guard fight the Kothian Royal Guard.

 The slight but sinister figure of the Veiled One.
 After defeating their opponents the Free Company charge the Shemite archers from the rear causing them to rout from the field.
 But the Kothian Guard get the upper hand.
 And defeat their opposite numbers.
 The Kothian right wing is victorious.
 After seeing their left wing defeated and sorcery unleashed by the diminutive figure some of the Ophirean infantry fall back.
 The Free Company bravely charge the Veiled One but are routed by his devilry.
 However the brawny barbarian named Conan is not daunted.
And hews down the wizard in a welter of gore!.

The battle is lost for Ophir but they did give Koth a bloody nose.


  1. I recall reading a lot of Tony Bath's 'Hyboria' articles in 'Battle' Magazine many years ago. Unfortunately I missed four or five months' worth of articles in mid 1978. They made interesting and entertaining reading. I must keep a better eye out for your own Hyboria campaigns...!

  2. Thanks Ion, I loved those articles in "Battle" and later "Military Modelling". At the time we had a Hyborian campaign of our own on the go.I made a map that started out about 3'x4' and ended up covering half of my bedroom wall.

    For rules we used WRG Ancients 5th edition mainly and any miniatures we could lay our hands on or even cardboard rectangles to represent the armies.

    These last two games are very reminiscent of those games in the early 80's. Happy days!.