Thursday, 8 October 2015

Romans vs. Gauls

Recently I've been re-basing many of my 15mm Ancients onto plain green "old school" pieces of mounting board. Nice and easy, no sand or static grass and the green seems to enhance the little men.

 I've finished these to date.
 Some of them I touched up, but they were all painted twenty odd years ago. They are mainly Museum Miniatures with some TTG and Essex.
 I played a game with some of them today with a scenario loosely based on the battle of Sabis/Sambre. The Romans have been building their camp and are not expecting an all out attack.
 A bunch of Gauls and Spanish lurk along the treeline.
 They surge towards the fordable river.
 The Romans are spread out.
 The barbarians are at full pelt.

 As the Romans arrive piecemeal clashes occur.
 The Roman artillery are in trouble.
 I used red counters to mark wavering units, I might treat myself to some casualty figures or use small stones in future.
 The rules were a simple homebrew based on the Horse and Musket rules featured on the last post.
 The Romans were defeated but it was a very costly victory for the barbarians.

 The winner!.


  1. Very nice and nostalgic. Some of the first gaming figures I saw were based that way, and looked cool. Now static grass is old school :)

  2. They look great.... I think the simpler the base, the better the figure looks.