Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Seleucids and Romans and some Pike and Shotte.

 I had a game of my Ancient rules with Later Seleucids and Poly Romans yesterday.
 Plenty of soldiers on the table.
 The rules worked very well again.
 The cavalry battle was fierce but the Seleucids eventually won it.
 A view down the Seleucid centre.
 A  very enjoyable afternoon. Seleucids won 13-10.
 At the Shildon show I bought this Conflix building.
 I needed an excuse to get it on the table. So I had a game of Pike and Shotte today.
 Cromwell with his Ironsides.
 Cavaliers opposite him, I gave them the "Ferocious Charge" rule.
 Royalist foot.
 The Roundheads hold the high ground.
 The Royalist right wing.
 The toys are Warlord, Foundry and Essex.
 The bloke in the blue breeks has fainted!.
 Commanded shotte with firelocks.
 They fell foul of the Green coats and routed.
 Cavalry clash.
 Royalist shotte occupy the farm.
 I used the red counter to clearly show shaken units.
 I love that house!.
 Old Robins foot are disordered.
The Royalists fail to take the hill and with Cromwell winning on the flank and the other Royalist flank victorious but spent the victory goes to Parliament.

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