Sunday, 18 October 2015

War games at Shildon

Today Carol and I had a very enjoyable trip down to Shildon Railway Museum to see the wargames show Stand To.
 IWG presented the Battle of Coron 1501 between Venetians and Turks.
 Splendid armies.
 Lovely flags.
 They were using "Pike and Shotte" rules by Warlord Games.
 We had a nice chat with IWG member Robbie Rodiss, here is a link to his blog... link
 Also there was Andrew Wylie with his "Dead Mans Hand" Wild West game.
 Here's his cowboys with his PDF buildings.
 And a tank!, a Crusader tank on a railway wagon. I love tanks.
I bought a couple of resin tanks from the irrepressible Brian Waugh 'cos I love tanks you know. link

I also bought a Conflix pre-painted house from Midlam Miniatures  link and some pre-ordered 15mm Ancients from Colonel Bills  link ,they give a nice 10% discount if you pre- order and pick up at a show. I also bought a pile of MDF bases from Eagle Figures link.

Happy days!.

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  1. It sounds like you purchased more than me on the day - though I was being very restrained.