Saturday, 21 February 2015

More aeroplane goodness.

I'm still obsessed with this game, I was on holiday last week and did some repaints...
 I painted these two P39 Airacobras into Lend-Lease versions.
 I got the decals from Old Glory UK.
 The Bf109 Wingmen got an early war scheme.
 A brace of Mustangs joined the RAF.
 Although the models have panel lines like trenches the use of Klear/ Future allowed the decals to snuggle down pretty well.
 I painted out the incorrect Stars and Bars on the starboard wing top and ditto underneath.
 I apologise if the swastika offends anyone, most offensive IMHO are my hand painted Finnish Hakaristi on the plane in the background.
 More swastikas.

 I repainted two of my Tonys to differentiate them on the table.
 The freehanded tail marking isn't perfect but it'll do for me.
 I added some camo to my Italians.
 With a big yellow cowling for the Saetta.
 Here are some 100 point flights, starting with the Russians.
 Chinese with AVG Flying Tigers.
 Japanese, a Zero ace and a pair of Oscars.
 Germans at 99 points.
 Brits to take on the above.
 My Wildcat flight.
 Probably my favourite flight build. The Italians always give an entertaining game.
 One of the best things about this game is the ball joint on the models stand.
 The plane can climb.
 Or dive and it makes the game feel like it's in 3D.
 I haven't played any other wargame since October but I do fancy a change, I might have a game tomorrow. I'm not sure what to dig out of the cupboard yet.