Wednesday, 20 May 2015

The Soviets invade!.

I had a couple of games with my Cold War/ Modern micro tanks today. I used my own rules.
 The battlefield.
 US defenders.
 A US Infantry platoon.
 M1A1s hidden on the treeline.
 The Reds roll.
 Three companies of tanks and three companies of infantry.
 This tank company advances boldly.
 The US artillery is off table.
 But their Soviet counterparts are on table.
 The M1s open fire.
 Another platoon joins in.
 And a Soviet tank company is devastated.
 BMPs are smashed by the US artillery.
 The Russian tanks shoot back.
 Causing some losses.
 On come the Soviet attack helicopters.
 Who let loose with their ATGMs.
 They just keep coming.
 M3s fire their ATGMs.
 With great effect.
 But the Soviet artillery hits back.
 A US command unit comes under fire from the Russian helicopters.
 A Russian tank platoon breaks through to the US command.
 And the helicopters are on the rampage.
 The remaining US troops are surrounded.
 And are still coming under fire.
The battle is lost for the Americans.

I enjoyed this game but had to make up some rules on the hoof as the situation changed. So I jotted down some rules for spotting hidden units and shoot'n'scoot artillery and bits and pieces, then I had another entertaining game after dinner.

I'll write up the new rules tomorrow.