Thursday, 30 July 2015

More Royal Armies.

Today in the Hyborian Age Koth has invaded Ophir and battle is joined.

Any resemblance to historical miniatures is purely coincidental

 King Strabonus of Koth.
 King Amilius of Ophir.
 The Kothian army has many heavy cavalry.
 And a shadowy figure known as the Veiled One.
 The Ophirean army.
 Slingers stalk the ruins.
 They also have a small unit of Free Company mercenaries with a formidable fighter named Conan.
 The armies deployed.
 Quickly the cavalry units get to grips.
 Ohpirean Royal Guard fight the Kothian Royal Guard.

 The slight but sinister figure of the Veiled One.
 After defeating their opponents the Free Company charge the Shemite archers from the rear causing them to rout from the field.
 But the Kothian Guard get the upper hand.
 And defeat their opposite numbers.
 The Kothian right wing is victorious.
 After seeing their left wing defeated and sorcery unleashed by the diminutive figure some of the Ophirean infantry fall back.
 The Free Company bravely charge the Veiled One but are routed by his devilry.
 However the brawny barbarian named Conan is not daunted.
And hews down the wizard in a welter of gore!.

The battle is lost for Ophir but they did give Koth a bloody nose.

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Royal Armies of the Hyborean Age

After playing dozens of scenarios with Commands and Colors Ancients, I decided to do something different. I decided to give  Royal Armies of the Hyborean Age another go.
I bought these as a download a couple of years ago.
 Thoth Amon with a disparate and probably desperate army needs to get to a ruined temple to perform some wickedness.
 But the temple is defended by Khauranian soldiers.
 Led by the one and only Conan. There's not much point in playing these games without the main man!.
 The cavalry clash.
 Shemite archers.
 Thoth Amon advances.
 Conan has the aid of some Aesir mercenaries sweating to death in the desert sun.
 As the Khauranian infantry charge the enemy infantry fail their morale test and rout.
 Leaving a very indignant Stygian wishing his troops were not C class!.
Conan the conqueror.

Saturday, 11 July 2015

DBA squared.

I rebased some of my 15mm ancients as I threatened in my previous post to make a couple of DBA armies and quickly made a square gridded board. Here is a play test...
 Polly Romans.
 After the Scythed Chariot crashes through the Roman line it finds itself doomed at the hands of the velites on the hill and the triarii.
 The lines clash in the centre of the field.
 With mixed results.
 The Seleucid heavies outflank some of the Triarii.
 And thureophoroi clash with hastati.
 The nellie steadily pushes the Romans back.
 The triarii come to the aid of the princeps fighting the elephant.
 The velites flank the stubborn thureos.
 The Roman general picks an easy target.
 The elephant is recoiled.
 The phalanx is being pushed steadily backwards.
 The Seleucid general flanks the Romans fighting the elephant which breaks them.
 The elephant is attacked by the triarii and flanked by the velites.
 The Roman general charges home to destroy the Seleucid archers.
 With the Thracians routed the Romans now turn the flank of the phalanx.
 The triarii recoil the nellie and the Seleucid general dies.
His phalanx is cut to pieces too.

This game is much less fiddly on the squared board and the square basing suits me better too, these bases will be used for Hail Caesar rules too when I get them done.