Sunday, 7 August 2016

Hail Caesar-Seleucids and Indians.

I had a game of Hail Caesar today using my 15mm chappies with 28mm unit footprint and measurements.

 The Seleucids, on the right, planned to pin the Indians with their infantry division while the cavalry smash the Indian right wing.
 The Indian left stand off and shoot at the phalanx with little effect.
 The Seleucid sub-general puts his Cretan archers in the rough ground.
 Antiochus and his Companions and Agema.
 Crunch!, the Indian Heavy Chariots charge the Cataphracts.
 The Indian horse are broken.
 Antiochus attacks the infantry, throwing himself into the melee with decisive effect.
 The chariots are now disordered and giving ground.
 Indian infantry flee the field.
  And the chariots break.

Victory to the Seleucids.