Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Commands and Colors Ancients

Regular visitors will know of my fondness for Richard Borgs Commands and Colors series. I decided to make a larger board in order to use my 15mm ancients collection.
So I bought some MDF hex bases some 1220mm X 900mm MDF board and some green paint. Then I got going this afternoon, I still have most of the terrain hexes to paint into rivers etc., but I set up a game...

 Romans and Seleucids line up for a scrap.
 A look at the Roman left.
 Antiochus with his bent kontos leads his right wing.

 The Romans have their maniples in chequerboard formation. No difference to the rules but I can fit them into the hex that way.
 A lot of skirmishing went on with the Romans being very effective.

 A change in the light and the camera settings makes the green look a lot different.
 With all his heavy cavalry destroyed Antiochus shelters behind his phalanx.
 The Romans advance to attack the phalanx.

With the phalanx falling back the Seleucids concede. A seven to two victory for Rome.


  1. Hi Paul, troops and terrain look very nice (and this would get better with those hexes you are painting)!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Do you play Commands and Colors solo?

  2. Thanks Cesar, I do play Commands and Colors solo. It plays well, the only thing I do different is to remove the "First Strike/ Ambush" card as I find it awkward to play solo.

    Nice to hear from you.

  3. Thank you very much for your answer Paul.
    It is good to know C&C plays well solo. I am interested in the games but I have no opponent here.