Sunday, 16 October 2016

Stand To, 2016

We had a ride down to Shildon today to the wargames show Stand To. Here are some photos...

A very nice Sudan game.

 More desert action. Rapid Fire!, Knightsbridge I believe.

 A nice looking 40k game.

We had a nice look around, we had a look at the trains too. We had a nice lunch as well, and I bought myself some very nice Leven Miniatures 6mm buildings which I have primed already. I also bought this for only £10.
                                Image result for neil thomas wargaming nineteenth century europe
I'm very pleased with it.

A grand day out!.


  1. Good day and book...always fancied doing the Schleswig-Holstein war in 1/72 or 1/32. Come to think of it, haven't you got the Prussians?

  2. That's very true, I think I'll be using my 6mm Franco-Prussians, I will have to invest in some more cavalry and skirmishers however.

  3. The 19th C book is great--I think it's the best of Neil's work, and that's saying something! He includes a very nice variety of scenarios, and includes rules for "mini-games" which offer a nice contrast with his One Hour Wargames rules.

    Best regards,