Friday, 28 October 2016

The coming of Conan.

I have been enjoying a weeks holiday from work and had planned to get some games with the Neil Thomas 19th century rules I recently bought.

But last week my long awaited and sometimes completely forgotten about Conan kickstarter thudded through the letterbox. Conan by Monolith Box

Two muckle big boxes filled with goodies. All of the components are top quality, there is so much stuff I was quite overwhelmed and didn't know where to start.

I tried a the first scenario a couple of times solo and found the rules as written very hard to follow and full of holes. However, I found help on line and my wife and I had a game which was fantastic. We have played the scenarios many times now. Here is the helpful video.  video link

When it hasn't been played I've been re-reading the Conan stories, it's become all consuming.

When the kickstarter came out I was fairly interested but had no intention of backing it. It is the only kickstarter I have had anything to do with. It was my son John who talked me into it, I told him it would probably be hard to play solo and he said that he would play it with me. So I bought it.

Of course that was eighteen months ago and now he's at university, but I am very glad that he persuaded me. I can play it solo too.



  1. By the teats of Ishtar, that looks like a splendid bundle of Hyborian goodness. Didn't back it myself but I may look at getting a copy.

  2. I'm not much of a board gamer but I confess that this looks quite tempting.