Sunday, 6 March 2016

First miniatures game of 2016

Today I played my first miniature war game of the year. I dug out my small Franco-Prussian War collection of 6mm figures and had a game with my homebrew rules.

 The French are at bottom and left.
 Outnumbered, they lurk behind the hedgerows.

 6mm is not the most photogenic of sizes. 
 Prussian guns on the heights.
 Defending the farm.

I enjoyed the game but not as much as some of the games I've played recently.

After Christmas I bought Commands and Colors Napoleonics Russians.

Boardgame images from Boardgame Geek
I played it solid for weeks, brilliant. When I wasn't playing it I was reading about the Napoleonic Wars.

Then I bought Age of Napoleon for a grand strategic game.

Loved it, played it to death too.

Despatched and in transit is...

Can't wait!.