Saturday, 8 April 2017

Another game and time for a change.

I've been playing some more Bolt Action. Here is a US armoured platoon breaking through a German infantry platoon with Panzerschrecks and Panzerfausts and a brace of PaK 40s.

 After a very effective preliminary bombardment the yanks hurtle forward.
 Five Sherman tanks and two infantry squads mounted in halftracks.
 The Germans were dazed as the attack came in but this PaK 40 managed to wreck a Sherman.
 The Panzerschreck teams accounted for two more Shermans.
 That's four pin markers on this squad. I counted an oil drum as two and a casualty figure as one.
 The German HQ in big trouble. 14-8 victory to the Americans.
 A Corgi halftrack with a Warlord Games plastic crewman.
 Westwind Germans.
 A Corgi Sherman tank.
 When I came downstairs I snapped a Goldfinch on our feeders.
 A bonny little fella.

After the game I packed everything away and will now attempt some modelling and painting. My painting has been negligible over the last couple of years and it's high time I got some work done. My gaming space is my painting space so it is one or the other, after months of playing games I think I'll enjoy being productive for a change.