Monday, 3 April 2017

Bolt Action on a small table.

I've had myself a few games of Bolt Action and managed to play them on my 4x3 foot table. I have thoroughly enjoyed the games, the drawing of dice is ideal for solo play.

This game scenario was called Demolition from the Bolt Action v.1 rules and is a "capture the flag" game where each side has to take and hold the others command post to win...

 The German HQ, the unit is in ambush stance.
 The US command post is in a ruined church, in the tower is a spotter.
 For a mortar team.
A US jeep armed with a MMG charges up the road to attack the German HQ.
 But the HQ unit has SMGs and a panzerfaust which make short work of the jeep.
 Germans take cover.
 The left flank US squad is under heavy fire.
And gets more and more pinned down.
 The second jeep with a HMG flanks a German squad.
 But also ends up wrecked by enemy fire.
Then the German motorbikes fly down the road for the American HQ.
 This squad is pinned down.
 The Germans get off their bikes, take the HQ but are killed by the US command unit. So near but yet so far!.
 The US mortar takes out the Spandau defending the German HQ leaving it unoccupied.
 A US squad takes out the German HQ unit.
 Regroup forward.
 And on the next turn take the objective.
Then they lay down some devastating fire on a German squad to win the scenario.

Here are a couple of shots of tanks that weren't in this game, I love tanks...

 A Corgi Panther repainted.
A Tamiya M10 with some Warlord plastics as crew.

A good game, I may upgrade to version 2. I must play it more often.

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