Sunday, 28 May 2017

Cold War gone hot

I've been playing some Cold War micro tank games using my modern rules with the activation system nicked from Bolt Action rules. This has made for an almost total re-write of the rules but has worked very well for me.

Here is a small game on my small 4x3 table.
 The view from the Nato side.
 Hinds to the fore!.
 M1a1s shooting.
Soviet tanks in trouble.

 This American platoon waits in ambush.
But here is the big distraction at the moment, I don't make a habit of posting non wargames stuff but this is a bit of an obsession right now. It's a mass produced and cheap little cigar box guitar to play with a slide and I've been twanging away like mad on it.

I'm thinking of building a diddly-bow next!.


  1. The micro-armour does make a small table look pretty big. I like the livery on your NATO forces.

    1. Thanks Ion,
      I've think I've played all my games on the small table since last summer. It's just easier to deal with in our small house.

  2. Not a period I am familiar with, but I must say that your vehicles are beautiful, sounds like a great game! Oh, splendid cigar box guitar btw!

    1. Thanks Phil, that little guitar has taken over just now. If I'm not playing the thing I'm on the internet listening and learning about it!.