Thursday, 20 July 2017

Commands and Colors Seven Years War in 6mm.

Twenty five years ago or thereabouts I bought a pair of 6mm Seven Years War armies from Irregular Miniatures and painted three quarters of them. Many times I've thought about finishing them but never did until last week.

Nowadays it is so much easier getting painting info on the internet. One of the reasons I stopped painting them all those years ago was that I didn't have a guide to painting the flags. I got all I needed at Kronoskaf link a fabulous website.

Another reason I stopped painting them was a lack of rules that suited the 6mm blocks. Nowadays I could use Black Powder, Honours of War or a modified version of Napoleonic Commands and Colors. Being a huge fan of Richard Borgs Commands and Colors system this is what I did...

 I just made up the scenario, though I would like to attempt some historical re-fights too.

 These are some shots halfway through a game, Prussians defend the church.
 The Irregular Miniatures blocks fit onto my 90mm hex board very nicely and I'm sure I could use them on the game board too.
 An aerial view of the battle.
 Frederick the Great watches the action unfold. He and his aide are Heroics and Ros artillerymen.
 Prussian Musketeers.
 Austrian Bethlen Hussars.
 Croats skirmishing for the army of Maria Theresa
 Austrian Dragoons, I painted them all in green coats for ease of identification much like the blocks that come with the boxed game.
 I enjoyed the game so much I quickly set up another.
 Commands and Colors battles aren't easy to write up because they have many moves involving just a few units, but they certainly make an exciting game with a plausible narrative.
 So I'll leave you with a few shots of the toys deployed for the battle.

Now I'm off to play it


  1. 6mm give a good effect , but think my ageing eyes are not up to it ,Tony

    1. Oh Tony, I had a hell of a time trying to paint this last batch. I wasn't that pleased with the result but I was glad to get some paint on the little blighters and get them into action.

  2. I've had the same reaction to my attempt to paint the 8mm figures in Travel Battle--I'm just not able to do the quality paint job I used to do. I have some newly purchased Ros & Heroics 6mm Prussians and Austrians, and frankly am kind of dreading painting them. To those of you who are not yet along in years: growing old is not all that great. So don't.

    Chris Johnson

    1. Good advice Chris, I am actually getting younger, at least I am in my head!.

  3. Lovely to see someone else doing a 6mm Command and Colours variant - I'm doing an ECW variant of it that I discovered on the Prometheus in Aspic blog. I found painting the little buggers relatively easy...when well magnified... and actually got whole units done in the time I'd normally take to finish three or four of their larger 28mm cousins. All power to your elbow sir!!

    1. Thank you kindly, I would like to see this project of yours if you have a blog. I have found Tonys Prometheus in Aspic blog very inspirational.

  4. Paul,

    If you contact me at Kronoskaf - Project SYW (use "Contact Kronoskaf" in the left menu), I may have a couple of painted Russian and Austrian units (all Irregular 6mm) heading your way...

    Richard Couture