Saturday, 21 January 2017

A return to One Hour Wargames.

Although I haven't blogged for some time I have done plenty of wargaming.

In recent weeks I have played Commands and Colors Napoleonics and Ancients, Warhammer Ancient Battles, War and Conquest and a couple of Napoleonic boardgames. Today I fancied yet another change and gave One Hour Wargames a run out...

 My imaginations toys came out and a grand time was had.
 In this scenario the armies were fighting to control a crossroads and a hill.
 The Eisenburg Musketeers.
 The skirmishers are up against it.
 Oh dear!.
 A firefight rages up and down the line.

 The Heydenbruck Regiment approach the hill.
 Having destroyed the skirmishers the Blue Hussars prepare to roll up the flank.
 The line starts to crumble.

 The Altstein Musketeers recoil leaving the crossroads.
 But the Essling Grenadiers join the rout.
 Then the Eisenburg Musketeers get hit in the flank.
 The skirmishers flee from the Heydenbruckers.
 The game is over by turn eight. It was good fun though and for once I played the rules as written with no tinkering at all!.
 So I set up another one to play tomorrow night.
 The defended town looks like Toytown.
 I love it!.

 The attackers.
 The hill has to be defended too.

It's gonna be good.